Susanne Kriemann,
“P(ech) B(lende): Library for Radioactive Afterlife”
(artist’s book)

Exhibition, November – December 2020

Susanne Kriemann

P(ech) B(lende): Library for Radioactive Afterlife

(an artist’s book)

The artist’s book “P(ech) B(lende): Library for Radioactive Afterlife” by Susanne Kriemann looks at the political and real invisibility of the highly radioactive mineral pitchblende (uraninite). From 1946 to 1989 pitchblende was mined in the Erzgebirge (Ore) Mountains in an area contained within the former GDR and was an important component in the USSR’s nuclear arsenal. The publication brings together seven texts viewing the subject with a literary eye through the lens of media theory. All the texts deal with the documentation of radioactive materials, their effects, and afterlife.

The “book P(ech) B(lende): Library for Radioactive Afterlife” ties in with Kriemann’s exhibition Pechblende (Chapter 1) at the Ernst Schering Foundation in Berlin (17, March to 5, June 2016). The work was previously on show at Prefix ICA in Toronto under the title Pechblende (Prologue). With texts by: Susan Schuppli, Jussi Parikka, Heike Catherina Mertens, Jayne Wilkinson, Christina Landbrecht, Friederike Schäfer and Lutz Seiler.

Published by Spector Books

Designer: Studio Pandan, Pia Christmann, Ann Richter

80 black-white images, 216 pp., thread-sewn softcover, Leipzig June, 2016
ISBN: 9783959050999

Edition Number: 1
Width: 11.5 cm, Length: 18 cm

Language(s): German, English