“George Enescu” National University of the Arts Iasi
Iasi, 2020

Published by: Artes Publishing House, Iasi, RO, 2020

ISBN 978-606-547-476-5

Coordonating Editor: Cătălin Gheorghe

Editors: Lavinia German, Daniel Sofron, Cătălin Soreanu, Mihai Vereștiuc

Design & Prepress: Lavinia German, Cătălin Soreanu

Translations: Sorana Lupu, Cezara Popescu

Contributors: the texts in this catalog were written by the curators, coordinators and artists involved in the artistic events presented and edited by the editorial team of the publication. The images in this catalog belong to the “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iasi and the rightful authors who have contributed through personal efforts to document and archive this information over time.

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The catalog “Aparte Gallery. Exhibitions” presents to the general public a selection of events and exhibition projects of contemporary art realized within the Aparte Gallery of the “George Enescu” National University of the Arts (UNAGE) from Iasi, since 2005. The exhibitions are made both by UNAGE Iasi students, as part of the educational process of learning and applying knowledge and practicing skills specific to exhibition thinking and practice, as well as professors or guest artists, reflecting the plurality of problems and artistic experiments specific to new generations.


This publication is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research, through the Institutional Development Fund granted to state universities – FDI 2020. Coordinated by the National Council for Financing Higher Education (CNFIS), the project entitled Base of Activities and Practices in ART – Aparte Base (FDI-D3, project code CNFIS-FDI-2020-0084) is a project of the “George Enescu” National University of the Arts in Iasi that aims to stimulate and streamline the exhibition-related activities carried out in the Aparte Gallery of UNAGE Iasi by UNAGE students, as part of a process of acquiring interdisciplinary knowledge specific to contemporary arts. Project team: Lavinia German, Cătălin Gheorghe, Adriana Neica, Vlad Onescu, Nicu Oniciuc, Daniel Sofron, Cătălin Soreanu, Mihai Vereștiuc (FDI-D3, project code CNFIS-FDI-2020-0084).